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ExTra! Final straight and first results

Article by Isabelle Metrope
published in Sounds in Europe #4

Version francaise

ExTra! Final Event & EMC Annual Conference

Please download the Press Release of the conference here:
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ExTra! Final event

Article by Christos Carras
published in Sounds of Europe #4

ExTra! Exchange Traditions - A European cooperation project Neue Flammen entzünden, alte am Leben halten Projekt „ExTra! – Exchange Traditions“

Article by Rebekka Leibbrand downloadable in English or German published in Musikforum 04/2008, the magazine of the German Music Council

ExTra! report continued

Article by Simone Dudt
published in Sounds in Europe #3

ExTra! music and intercultural dialogue

The European Year of Intercultural Dialogue was officially launched in Ljubljana, Slovenia on January 8 this year, thus providing the European Commission with a chance to remind the founding values of the European Union, namely cultural exchanges, peace and protection of human dignity, and providing the European Music Council (EMC) with a chance to relate the latter to its triennial project ‘ExTra! Exchange Traditions’.

Article by Isabelle Metrope
Version française
published in Sounds in Europe #3

ExTra! project officially launched

Article by Simone Dudt
published in Sounds in Europe #2

ExTra! Exchange Tradition - a cooperation project coordinated by EMC

Article by Ruth Jakobi
published in Sounds in Europe #1

ExTra! Hamburg 2008

Hamburger Abendblatt, 27 June 2008

European Music Council (EMC)